Friday, December 28, 2012

Reflections on 2012

Seeing as it is the end of the year and all, I am doing that cheesy blogger-thing where I look back on the last year and pick it to pieces. I do this, with full knowledge that your dashboard is likely already clogged up with all of the cringeworthy and heartwarming moments of every one else’s year. Honey badger don’t care.
I don’t actually recall creating and resolutions for last year, but if I had, I’m sure I would have failed most of them. Some things I did achieve this year were:
Not chopping my hair off. Just a few trims, and now I have crossed the line between the medium hair I have always had and the long hair I have been dreaming of since I was little.
I left the antidepressants behind. I have learned how to reasonably manage my anxiety and depression on my own through diet, exercise, and making sure I take time out to do things for myself.
I kept Wyatt alive for another year (woot!)
I went back to work and became a contributing (financially) member of our family.
I have learned to let things go. The only things I can control in my interactions with others are my own feelings and reactions. I control what I get upset about and how to deal with that.
To keep with my tradition of not making structured goals to fail, I will instead put some wishes/intentions out there for the coming year or two.
I would like to continue with my good eating habits. With the exception of special occasions, I have been practicing clean eating for the last month or so, and it feels really good.
I would like to make it point to spend more time outside.
I am hoping to get pregnant again sometime next summer (ish).
I would love to make some progress in decluttering our lives. Less is more, I say.
So there it is. A year in review, a year in advance, and an actual post from yours truly. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


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Oh, the anticipation.

Being somewhat of an internet junkie, it has been hard to ignore the abundance of "here comes Fall" posts littering the dashboards of my favorite blogging websites. I can't help but sigh and pout as I watch the lovely ladies I have come to know over the last few years, once again, start donning their scarves, their sweaters, and all of those adorable boots I love so much, while I sit here in Central Florida cranking my a/c and drinking my coffee iced (still).

How is it that, while the rest of the country enjoys those first glorious dips in temperature, I am still weary to take my own son outdoors for fear of heat exhaustion? I am yearning for a cool breeze in place of damp heat. For plums and mustards in place of turquoise and corals. For jeans and my leather jacket. For a night spent around the fire pit. For the necessity of snuggling, cheesy as it may be. But alas, it is not meant to be yet.

To ward off my jealousies, I am doing little things to pretend it's fall. Pumpkin spice candles burn. Pumpkin bread bakes. Halloween preparations. I have already started playing my "cool weather playlists" on repeat. Measures have been taken.

 It may not be Fall here yet, but even in my envy, I can't help but smirk when I think of the fact that in just another month or so, many of you will be freezing and preparing for being snowed in for the winter, while I will spend four to five months enjoying the season I am craving.

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Monday Check-in

Loving: Spending time at home. Over the last couple of weeks, I have made some little changes around the house: adding bookshelves, hanging portraits, rearranging Wyatt's room, etc., and it makes me want to spend my time here. There are few things that I love more than feeling cozy and comfortable at home.

Reading: East of Eden and The Primal Blueprint. I like having one fiction and one non-fiction going at a time. It gives me the option to either learn something new and interesting or to get lost in a world far away from my own. 

Watching: Bubble Guppies. After a morning of stories and playtime, Wyatt gets to giggle and dance to his favorite cartoon, and I get to update the blog. 

Thinking about: All of the little projects I need to work on. My SIL's baby shower is less than two months away, and I have so many things to do/arrange. Also, with the beautiful weather, I am a bit bummed about having to work this afternoon. I really want to hang out in the kiddie pool with Jason and Wyatt. They get to have all of the fun.

Surprised by: How lame I have been lately, and how much I genuinely enjoy it. There was a time when a night spent in was akin to a death sentence, but to be honest, I would so much rather get a full night's sleep than be cranky, tired, or hungover the next day. Life is to short not to be well rested and happy. The thing I look forward to most today is getting home from work, enjoying a home-cooked meal, and snuggling with my little man. 

Making me sad: Wyatt isn't a baby anymore. I adore every new experience and milestone he has, but it does make me a little sad that he won't be my cuddly little first-born forever. He is developing opinions, aversions, likes, fears of his own everyday, and someday I'll have to beg for the hugs and kisses that come so readily now. 

Making me happy: Beach days. Love. Friends. Making money. Taking my health seriously. Wyatt's love for glasses. The prospect of going back to school. The promise of fall. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I swear I meant to post that recipe

...but we have been busy cleaning house in anticipation for visiting family. I promise it will be up on Monday! Everyone enjoy their weekend!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"What a Girl Wants" Wednesday

I realized recently that my blogs have always been filled to the brim with pictures of Wyatt, over-analysis of the not-so-happy things going on in my life, and many, many apologies about my lack of writing. As much as everyone loves a picture or two of a cute kid, it is beyond time I inject a little whimsy into this thing, if only for my own sake.

Meet "What a Girl Wants" Wednesdays. Every week (or so), I will list and detail the little things in life I would like to have, do, or achieve. Also included will be current obsessions in fashion, food, and entertainment.

Let the games begin.

Military boots. These can leave the blog list and enter reality this afternoon, when they will be delivered to my home (and my oh-so-lonely feet). I have always had quite the obsession with boots, a plight for a girl living in Central Florida, and there is just something about the "tough girl chic" look of a military inspired boot paired with leggings and a feminine floral dress that I just can't resist come fall.

Sheer tops. While the heat here in Florida does not necessarily lend itself to boots, it DOES, however, lend itself to lightweight sheer tops nearly year round. I may or may not have purchased three or four recently and still find myself lusting after this leopard print number.

Gold and coral nails. Quite the fun color combo, this screams "there's a party on my nails" to me. As a mother to a Tasmanian toddler/devil, I don't have the luxury of time to do such fancy sticker design nonsense, but I DO currently have gold nails with one coral accent nail on each hand. 

The Primal Blueprint. I already own the book, but what this girl wants is to put this plan into place. Not only am I trying to lose a few extra pounds (aren't we all, really), but I love the idea of implementing a lifestyle that encourages slowing down and simplifying to live like our ANCIENT ancestors, who were arguably some of the healthiest humans on earth. I DEFINITELY recommend this book to anyone trying not only to look better, but to feel better as well.

Seasonal veggies. Namely brussel sprouts. Can you believe that I lived my entire life without these delicious little cabbages until about three years ago? My mother HATES brussels and never let them in house, so I never had an opportunity to try them. Now they are one of my absolute favorite foods in the whole world. Unfortunately, getting them truly seasonally is hard down here because fall doesn't start until, like, December.

Avocados. Give me all of the avocados. In this new high-fat (the good ones), moderate-protein, low-carb diet known as paleo, I find myself eating at least a half of an avocado every day. I can't get enough. Did you know that they are delicious outside of guacamole? In the three weeks since changing my eating habits, I have noticed extremely clear skin and luxurious hair as an unexpected (and very welcome) side effect. Find me an avocado, and I'll show you an empty shell.

Vacation. It's been a while. When Jason asked me a few days ago if I would like to go the beach for a few nights next week, my reaction was an automatic, enthusiastic "Yes!" Instead of our usual stay in our friends' cute beach cottage though, we chose to book a room on the beach, but still ten minutes from Historic St. Augustine. As much as we all love the beach, time there is limited and exhausting with a toddler, so I am excited to be able to walk around during the afternoons and explore the little sights in one of my favorite places. 

Molars. Okay, okay. I know I just got done saying that all I post are pictures of this guy. But seriously, did you really think I would leave him out? In all honesty, Wyatt is in teething hell right now, so what this girl REALLY wants is for his pearly whites to break on through so we can get back to our normal, happy, playful thing. It's how we like him.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It is hot.

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone reading that summers in Central Florida are hot (not to mention, oppressively humid). I have to mentally prepare myself to venture outdoors between the months of June and September, because it is truly a chore. That chore is multiplied when it comes to getting a toddler the necessary run-around time in the fresh air.

I'll admit it has been my weak spot. I don't get Wyatt outside nearly as much as I should these days, but truthfully, it's exhausting. The sunscreen, the protective clothing, the bugspray, filling juice and water cups, shoes, making sure (again) there is enough water; before you know it, you have spent forty-five minutes just preparing to walk out the door, and you are BEAT. Forget the heat.

The exciting prospect of having the next five days off, however, made me a bit more adventurous this morning. Grabbing my brand-spanking-new camera, we headed to the backyard for some fun (and photo opportunities, of course). You know what? It wasn't THAT bad. Sure, I was drenched in sweat by the time we headed back in, but in an hour we played in the sandbox, explored the "enchanted" (read: overgrown) side yard, blew bubbles, and discovered Daddy's baseball bat.

Worth every mosquito bite.